Ladies, let’s face it: it’s a rough world out there for us

Expectations are sky high, and you’re expected to do more and more with less and less, all while keeping a freakin’ smile on your face. You are expected to be the perfect version of like 10 different women.

It’s exhausting, and it’s killing you.

Everywhere you look, you find examples of why you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough. You get the message over and over again: You are not enough. It doesn’t take long for your brain to go from Not Enough = > Worthless, Unlovable, Broken.

Therapy is where you can break the cycle of feeling worthless, unlovable, and broken.

How to break the cycle

There is a nagging negative voice that lives inside your head that tells you everything that’s wrong with you and makes you believe that you are not enough just as you are. We’ll call her Negative Nancy. She lives in a cozy perfect cottage in your mind. She’s hurt, sad, angry and taking it out on you every damn day. It’s time for her to go!

Together we find out where Negative Nancy lives. We seek out that perfect cozy cottage because in that perfect cozy cottage hides the knowledge and power to take your life back.

When you feel like you are enough, you love you and you love your life

Life is different when you can be your own BFF, because you actually like yourself!

When you know who you are, what’s important to you, and what you want from life, the world opens up. Procrastination becomes something that you use to do. You’re not afraid or paralyzed by the possibility of failure, but instead eager and excited about the challenge. Say buh-bye to indecisiveness because you trust yourself and can actually make decisions.


When you’re your own BFF, your relationship with your significant other, friends, and family get better. You can have richer and truer connections with people, because you’re not always afraid of what they are thinking about you. So much freed up headspace! You can also start to ask for what you need and get a support system that really supports you. More importantly, you know what kind of support you want! With those better connections, you are able to fully feel appreciated and loved for who you are.

That all sounds awesome, but who is Christie?

That’s me!

I’ve always wanted to create a fun, safe, inspiring, confidence-boosting place for women.

In high school, I wanted to open a salon and have a space where women could gather together and feel beautiful. I had zero interest in becoming a stylist, so that dream was a little unrealistic.

I spent a number of years in the corporate world as a corporate trainer, instructional designer, content developer, and product manager. Just like Sally, my life looked pretty good on paper, and just like Sally I was miserable too.

I wasn’t fulfilled, and longed for more. I was the “token female” in an office full of guys, and felt out of place all the freakin’ time. I was exhausted and tired of giving my energy to someone else’s dream. I was stuck.

I had been to therapy before and enjoyed the process of working one on one with someone as I conquered change in my life. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and how people think. I’m an observer, a trait I learned as a kid when I struggled with my hearing.

Then life, well death actually, started to wreak havoc on my friends and family. There was a two-year period full of death, where every single one of my girlfriends lost their fathers, and my sister lost her best friend. Grief and pain were happening to the women I loved, happening all around me. I desperately wanted to help, to ease their pain, and to know how to do all of that.

That’s when it all started to make sense: I had a calling and purpose in life. It was therapy, and it was helping women through the tough times in their lives. This is how my journey to becoming a therapist started.

The next part is the nitty gritty details about going to graduate school, completing internships, and becoming fully licensed. *See the essential but kinda boring stuff below if you want to know more.

The best chapter of my journey is right here and now, and involves you. It is my joy and my pleasure to work with such strong, passionate, and driven women each day. It’s beautiful to watch to my clients grow, change, and reclaim their lives for the better. Know that I’m honored to work with you.

I’ve lived in Austin for over 10 years with my husband and our adorable toy poodle, Winston.

Here’s the essential but kinda boring stuff…

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Texas, License #72219.

I have a Master of Arts in Counseling from St. Edwards University, here in the beautiful ATX, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Communication from Abilene Christian University. Yes, I was on the Honor Role. I graduated Cum Laude from ACU and maintained a 4.0 GPA for the entirety my Master’s program.

I’ve been very well educated on how to talk to and listen to people. I completed internships at universities, rehabilitation centers, emergency rooms, and in-patient mental health facilities. I’ve seen clients at their darkest moments, and helped them through to their best moments.