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Learn how to quiet that negative voice and ​replace it
with a supportive and loving inner voice.

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Hi, I’m

Christie Hays

I work with women who are exhausted, stressed out, and in burnout.

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Did you wake up today and realize you have no idea how your life got to be this way?

You’re stuck in a cycle of wake up > go to work > come home and veg out > attempt to sleep and can’t because your brain just won’t shut up > wake up even more exhausted than the day before… Wash. Rinse. Repeat…like your own, not funny, version of Groundhog Day.

That’s why I’m here: to help you break through the cycle of stress, and exhaustion to get to the life that you really want, and really deserve.

You can turn that Negative Nancy voice in your brain off and replace it with a voice that keeps you pumped up and excited for life.

Imagine loving your life because you have a job you enjoy, a relationship that fulfills you, a rocking support system, and most importantly—you love you! Because you’re an awesome badass babe, who just got stuck along the way.

Together we can help you find your way back.

Let’s Meet Sally

Sally looked like she had it all together and on paper she looked like she was rocking this adult life. But she was miserable and flat out exhausted with ZERO energy.

The weekend is never long enough for Sally, and Sundays are ruined by the dread of the coming week. She started to give up any attempt to get good sleep Sunday night, because that’s when her brain kicks into overtime and she lays in bed feeling stupid, fake, unlovable, and unworthy.

She puts on a brave face for the world, and feels alone and terrified that that one day, the façade will crack wide open. Then everyone in her life will have their eyes opened to all of her faults and see her for the worthless, stupid, unlovable women that she feels like.

The Façade Starts To Crack

Sally kept up the façade as long as she could, but eventually it started to crack.

Mistakes at work, arguments with her spouse, eating anything and everything in sight, and binge watching Netflix like it was going out of style. Sally felt more alone and more ashamed than ever.

“How did I get here? What happened to that driven, passionate, bubbly, fun, excited woman that I use to be? Where did she go?”

Sally realized that she needed some help to break her out of her negativity shame spiral. That’s when I met Sally, as her therapist.

Together, Sally and I found the source that was fueling her Negative Nancy voice, because it was that voice that was keeping Sally stuck. Sally learned how to replace that negative voice with a positive, joyful, encouraging, and empowering voice. That new amazing voice helped Sally she how she could thrive in her life, instead of just survive it.

Sally’s Got Her Groove Back

If you met Sally today, you would see a woman that is thriving in her life. She’s in control, and taking charge. Sally is excelling at work, closer to her spouse, enjoying time with her friends, sleeping like a champ, and able to easily make healthy decisions for herself and her life. She’s happy, and healthy, and feels amazing.

She not only recognizes her life, she loves her life. Sally went from being her own worst enemy to her own best friend.

You can too – find out how.

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